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Rated Excellent by Patients

Hi there! We created 2Me Clinic with the idea of being doctors for your 'everyday female health'. We met about ten years ago in a busy clinic in London. We not only shared a passion for female health but the conviction that it needed to be done better! We work with a team of healthcare professionals for your 'holistic' care. We give you time, a safe space, and confidence to make decisions about your health.


Dr Anne Gauthey-Sebert


Dr Uchenna Amaechi

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It’s a FREE 10-min telephone appointment with a doctor, a nutritionist, a psychotherapist or an acupuncturist
We offer a FREE telephone appointment prior to any coil procedure

Rated Excellent by Patients

Working together

  • ..... because it takes a TEAM.
  • Female health doctors, nutritionist, psychotherapist, acupuncturist looking after THE WHOLE YOU, not just your girly bits!
  • SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS available : FACE TO FACE and VIDEO consultations.
  • FERTILITY-Package and PCOS-Package.

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  • Additional tests available on request

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