Many of us would admit that with the festive season comes ‘excess’, excess sugar, excess fat, and excess alcohol.  We read almost everywhere about ‘detox’ diets that profess to help the body eliminate waste and toxins.

Your body is perfectly equipped to get rid of what it does not need.

It absorbs the substances it needs, for example, water, vitamins and minerals as well as eliminating those that it does not need or deems harmful.  These are typically eliminated via the skin, liver, kidneys, gut, and lungs.

Be careful with detox supplements and ‘mono diets’ due to potential drug interactions with existing prescribed medications as well as side effects. Always seek professional medical advice.

We know that some foods or plants can help your liver to treat waste and toxins. Some of these can be found in herbal teas, such as rosemary, black radish, artichoke, dandelion, and milk thistle…

Nevertheless, cutting down processed foods, going for a varied and colourful diet, smoking cessation, getting more sleep and exercise are the best ingredients to start a new year.

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