Don't wait for a Coil or Implant fitting/removal .....

Our friendly female doctors carry out Coil and Implant procedures

We provide a safe and friendly environment

If you need to have a brief chat with one of our doctors prior to having a procedure, you can  book an initial consultation and select a ‘free 10-min chat over the phone’ 

Please read the Pre coil fitting and removal advice or Pre implant fitting and removal advice.

What does this do?

A guide to contraception

Our contraception services include

  • Consultation with an experienced Women's Health GP
  • Coil fitting
  • Coil removal
  • Implant fitting
  • Implant removal

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Read our guide to contraception

We have compiled a very simple contraception summary that compares each type of contraception to help you understand more about the options available to you.

Read the guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Coil insertion is £375

Coil removal is £155

Coil removal and insertion is £425

Implant insertion is £260

Implant removal is £210

Implant removal and insertion is £310

Procedures are carried out by an experienced Women’s Health GP at 1-5 Portpool Lane, Chancery Lane, London, EC1N 7UU

We’re happy to provide a chaperone, please feel free to ask your doctor if you would like one present. 

Coil procedures (including the consultation)

Coil removal takes around 20 minutes.

Coil insertion takes around 45 minutes.

Coil removal and insertion takes around 60 minutes.

Implant procedures (including the consultation)

Implant removal takes around 30 minutes.

Implant insertion takes around 45 minutes.

Implant removal and insertion takes around 60 minutes.


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