No wait for a coil removal!

At 2Me Clinic, there is no wait for a coil removal procedure.  Coil removals are carried out by experienced female doctors.

We provide a safe and friendly environment.

If you need to have a brief chat with one of our doctors prior to having a procedure, you can book a ‘free 10-min chat over the phone’ by using the fast-booking portal on the website.

If you have already made a decision about a coil removal, you can book your appointment online.

Please read the Pre-coil fitting advice  Pre coil fitting and removal advice


How is a coil removed?

  • This procedure should be carried out by a healthcare professional trained in coil removals
  • A plastic speculum is inserted into the vagina which brings the cervix into view
  • The threads attached to the coil should be seen through the neck of the womb (cervix)
  • The threads are grasped with a special clamp and gently guided through the neck of the womb with the coil. This is usually done on a simple and quick cough!

… and that’s it!

  • If the coil threads are not seen a coil retriever device may be used


Coil removal £155
Coil removal & insertion £450


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to have my coil removed?

You can get pregnant as soon as the coil is taken out so if you’re not having another coil put in and do not want to get pregnant, use additional contraception, such as condoms, for 7 days before you have it removed or abstain altogether.

Will it be painful?

Coil removals are usually not painful, but some women can experience some lower abdominal cramping after the procedure. If you do experience cramps, we recommend taking ibuprofen 400mg and paracetamol 1g if there are no contraindications to taking these medicines.

What if the coil cannot be removed?

If there are no coil threads/strings seen, it may not be possible to remove the coil. We may try to retrieve the threads with a thread retriever if we feel that they could be low in the cervical canal; If not, you will be referred to a ‘Complex Coil Clinic’ where a scan (ultrasound) may be used to assist with removal.

Does the coil affect my fertility?

The contraceptive coil does not impact your fertility. Once it is removed, you can get pregnant immediately.

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