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At 2Me Clinic, there is no wait for an Implant removal procedure.  Implant removals are carried out by experienced female doctors.

We provide a safe and friendly environment.

If you need to have a brief chat with one of our doctors prior to having a procedure, you can book a ‘free 10-min chat over the phone’ by using the fast-booking portal on the website.

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Please read the Pre-Implant fitting and removal advice.


How is a contraceptive implant removed?

  • This procedure should be carried out by a healthcare professional trained in implant removal
  • The procedure usually takes about 10-15mins; it can take longer if the implant has been fitted a bit deeper
  • The location of the implant is verified by feeling the skin.  You will lie on your back on a comfortable examination couch
  • Your arm is bent at the elbow with your hand under your head or as close to it as possible
  • The end of the implant that is closest to the elbow is marked and the skin cleaned with a sterile solution
  • Local anaesthetic is injected into the site where the incision will be made.  Once the anaesthetic has worked, an incision is made in the skin
  • The implant should pop out, but often it needs to be separated from fibres underneath the skin before it can be removed
  • Once the implant is removed, the wound is closed with a sterile dressing and secured with a pressure bandage


Implant removal £210
Implant removal & insertion £310


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to have my implant removed?

Your implant can be removed at any time.  If it is removed within 3 yrs of insertion there will be no need for additional precaution prior to the procedure.  If you do not wish to become pregnant, you will need an alternative form of contraception as soon as the implant is removed.  If it’s been more than 3yrs from the date of insertion, you will need to discuss this with us or your regular doctor to ensure that there is no risk of pregnancy.

What should I do before getting my implant removed?

Make sure you can feel both ends of your implant.

If you can’t feel both ends, it may be more difficult to get it removed and we may need to refer you to a Deep Implant Removal Specialist Clinic.

Is an Implant removal painful?

Having an implant removed is not usually a painful procedure.  We numb the skin by injecting lidocaine local anaesthetic under the skin.   Injection of the local anaesthetic can sting a bit but only for a few seconds.

How will I feel after a contraceptive implant removal?

Generally, you should feel completely fine after the removal. You can eat and drink normally.  There may be soreness and mild swelling at the site of the implant removal but this should resolve within a few days. It may look bruised for a week or two. The pressure bandage is removed after 24 hours and the sterile dressing(s) removed after 3-5 days. Keep your upper arm dry in the meantime.

How soon can I get pregnant after a contraceptive implant removal?

Once the implant is removed, there is no protection against pregnancy. You can get pregnant as early as 7 days after removal.

You can get another Implant fitted straight away during the same procedure if you’d like a new one inserted. If you want to use another method of contraception, you’ll need to start it immediately, on the day of removal of the implant.

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