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This is a 40 minute consultation exploring your body composition using a special device called the Biody Xpert 

As the device uses low level electrical current and has no adverse effects on your health, you can have a body fat analysis as often as you wish.

Results of the analysis will be discussed with you.  This will include: fat mass/lean mass proportions, level of hydration, a bone mineral content indicator, and much more.  We will review your current dietary habits and support you in making the appropriate modifications.

Performing this assessment every 2-3 months will yield data used to produce a graph summary of your progress.

** Please note that impedance measurement is NOT recommended for pregnant women and those with a pacemaker**

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Whole analysis of your body profile

  • Current weight
  • Healthy weight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) at mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Intra and extracellular water
  • Basal metabolism (energy expenditure at rest)

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Consultation on-site

Nutritionist Body Fat Test Consultation: 30min

Body composition test using Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MF-BIA) technology.

Why is body fat measurement important?

Excess abdominal fat can lead to the development of certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease

The multifrequency impedance meter is an extremely useful and reliable tool:

  • For weight loss:
    The Bio-Impedancemetry Body Composition Analyser makes it possible to document the variation in body mass over the course of more than one consultation. It allows the impact of dietary hygiene measures to be assessed and the patient to be better supported in stabilising their weight or losing it. The challenge is to reduce the fat mass, without significantly impacting the muscle mass.


  • For medical monitoring:
    The Bio-Impedancemetry Body Composition Analyser allows the monitoring of a specific diet adopted for a chronic disease. It can also be used to detect and monitor the evolution of conditions such as water retention, muscle wasting or osteoporosis (in conjunction with bone densitometry).

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